vendredi 2 novembre 2007

Mall "La Fougetterie" - 5/7

Yesterday the left part of my picture was the detail of the top of theses lamps situated on the commercial center parking.
Today no blue light....just B&W.

Hier la partie gauche de ma photo était le détail de ces lampadaires situés sur le parking du centre commercial.
Aujourd'hui pas de lumière bleue....juste du noir et blanc.

You can find the answer to the quizz on my daughter's blog.....what was the special picture....have a look at the answer at .......

My favorits pictures in the last days :

Two differents pictures of the same place:

12 commentaires:

lynn a dit…

Gosh this looks like some sort of city one might be transported to by aliens. Scary! Or is it just me...? lol

Bergson a dit…

Mais tu passes tes nuits dehors !!!

je te vois toujours pas sur
malgré la présence de la carte sur ton blog


Je ne trouve pas que ce paysage nocturne fasse peur moi... mais c'est vair qu'il est un peu surprenant ! Jolie photo en tout cas.

Strangetastes a dit…

Another haunting image. I'm so glad you did it in black and white. The city looks empty and very mysterious.

Fénix (Bostonscapes DP) a dit…

Very futuristic looking. The must be a fantastic sight in real life with the blue reflections.

(Yes, real estate prices in Boston are ridiculous. Someone will have to do something about this soon, otherwise, it'll be fun to see rich people having to do everything on a "self-serve" basis. Heck, maybe that's where all this is taking us, after all. No more clerks, or blue-collar workers, just rich folks and their robots!) ;)

Karola&Pamp a dit…

Lovely lamp. I've never guess and linked yesterday's and today's photos . Great.

Imagine Photographers a dit…

Preciosas imagenes.

oldmanlincoln a dit…

Beauty in black and white. Very modern things like this really appeals to me. I think some of that comes from my having lived in Japan in the early 1950s -- my formative years. LOL. Anyway, I came away from those years with a deep appreciation of design on a scale not usually found in America. The beauty of the pond, raked gravel and stone lanterns.

So simple they look good in color or in black and white like your photo does today. Nice work.

Kekiinani a dit…

I would never have guessed that these were the same lights as in your previous post. Great shots!! The B & W is a nice touch.. :) :)

Bernard a dit…

superbe photo et beau design
il y a des designers qui savent travailler
des lampadaires marquent un paysage urbain et sont trop souvent des produits autoroutiers ou bêtement XIXè siècle

L.Reis a dit…

It really looks great on b&w...a very good urban night shot, extremely balanced and appealing
(thanks for adding me to your last favourite is an honour!) :)

Oswegan a dit…

Very interesting signs and lamp posts. Everything looks like stainless steel.

Very post modern.

Nice composition on your photos.