mardi 7 août 2007

Ancien Coiffeur

Situated at the beginning of "La grande rue" this shop is closed...but it's old style remaining the 60's suit to B&W picture. Do you agree with me ?

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Ash a dit…

Yes, absolutely! Works really well in B&W!!

Keith a dit…

I like this latest set of B&W window Photos... they have a great nostalgic feel to them

"McGoffs - Sydney daily photo"

Anonyme a dit…

There are some shops closed there and that is like our shops. Closed. I like your series.

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Anonyme a dit…

Could have been designed by Mondrian. I like the B/W.

Miguel Angel Servellón a dit…

Ils m'enchantent ton blancs et noirs, un maniement excellent, merci pour ta visite, je te serai visité une semaine avec semaine.
Des saluts et des bénédictions