dimanche 19 août 2007

Back from holidays

Thank you for your wishes (Olivier -Abraham -Jilly -M. BENAUT -David -Mike - Marie -Miguel ....). Holidays were good but not so sunny.... It doesn't matter we had good times altogether in family.
You will find new pictures of this holidays in north Britanny ( I hope one per day ) on my other blog Expression photo (today "Le Mont Saint Michel " seen from Cancale harbour).
I hope also you enjoy the new big sized pictures (great thanks to Olivier for his help).
The picture today is about St Jean Hospital - using multi-pictures filter from Cokin.

8 commentaires:

Ele ^_^ a dit…

Wonderful the effect in this photo! ^^

Anonyme a dit…

I also like how you made this photograph look. Nice work.

Bergson a dit…

Je vois que ton appareil a mal supporté les vacances ;-)

Bon aller faut bien reprendre le boulot demain

bon courage

Anonyme a dit…

Hospital ??
I thought, that it must be at least some castle or church :)
Fine effect!

Olivier a dit…

tu nous reviens en forme avec cette photo. bonne idee. maintenant le plus dur, la reprise ;o)

Mike a dit…

Welcome back and you came back with such an interesting shot!

Meg in Nelson a dit…

So many places I see in the DP blogs I'd love to visit on my holiday, but then I guess you could say that about our place, too. Anyway, glad you had a good time away.

Anna a dit…

excellent photo, wow, anna :)