samedi 1 septembre 2007

Contest of Percherons horses - 1/5

Canon 400 D - Tv: 1/320 - Av 8 - 200 mm - 1600 ISO

Saturday and Sunday the festival of the Saint Fiacre proposed a contest of Percherons horses. Saturday the contest of the mares - Sunday the contest of the Horses and the attachment. Here a foal and his/her mother.
Canon 400 D - Tv 1/400s - Av 13 - 28mm - 1600 ISO

Samedi et dimanche la fête de la Saint Fiacre proposait un concours de chevaux Percherons. Samedi le concours des juments -Dimanche le concours des Chevaux et l'attelage. Ici un poulain et sa mère.

Today my daughter Axelle give you a invitation to see the Royal Abbay of Fontevraud...just used the following link

My favorits pictures this last week :

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Matthieu a dit…

Bon appétit !

Anonyme a dit…

Very nice photograph. I love horses and dogs and these are exceptional horses. I like the foal trying to get some lunch. Very nice.

I will post a very nice photo tomorrow (Sunday) on my blog of a Ruby-throated hummingbird. It is one of about 600 that I took over two days. It is the best of the lot that I have seen so far. I hope you like it too.

david mcmahon a dit…

The shot of the foal is a classic!

Ash a dit…

Nice ones!

Anonyme a dit…

Hi there,

Nice stuff you got, very interesting pics.
Well, I do have also in my sleeves, if you have time don't forget to visit

Many thanks