lundi 10 septembre 2007

ROLLER POP contest - 5/5

Canon 400D - Tv :1/160 - Av 10 - ISO 400 - 210 mm

Participation of the children - Participation des enfants

Canon 400D - Tv :1/160 - Av 18 - ISO 800 - 90 mm

Canon 400D - Tv :1/1000 - Av 6,3 - ISO 400 - 209 mm

Even youngest people -Même les plus jeunes

5 commentaires:

nazzareno a dit…

Une série de photos sympathiques résolument

Anonyme a dit…

Nie photos. And the one pushing the cart with the baby in sunglasses reminded me that my neighbor used to jog, every day, pushing a similar cart with their baby in it. Now, the baby is jogging with the father.

Olivier a dit…

belle serie, la premiere est totalement craquante

Annie a dit…

Precious children, each one. Fun for them and for their parents too.

M.Benaut a dit…

What a lot of fun, these children are having.
Ils ressemblent aux "enfants la grande vitesse" !
A very nice series of pictures.