lundi 24 septembre 2007

Hunting for the treasure - Collection of portraits

Last week end for the millenium of Château-Gontier a hunting for the treasure was organised in the streets of the town.

The organizers were disguised. Here a collection of portraits.

Sorry if I don't send a lot of comments on your photo blogs. But I'm very busy and not at home from monday to thursday. All my post are prepare before and send day by day by my wife.

4 commentaires:

Olivier a dit…

tres beau portrait b&w, tu as bien saisie son expression, j'adore ce type de portrait

Leena a dit…

Such a special person int his portrait. A good photo, indeed!

Bergson a dit…

Vraiment superbe ces deux portraits des N&B de qualité

Mme Benaut a dit…

I love the black and white photos of these characters, Laurent.