mercredi 18 juillet 2007

Château-Gontier is 1000 years old.

Our good old city is thousand years this year. To celebrate this event much demonstrations are and will be organized in this honor. On July 8 took place with the “Garden of the end of the world” (wink with Olivier) a medieval festival. I propose to you some portraits carried out during this festival.

Château-Gontier à 1000 ans. Notre bonne vieille cité à mille ans cette année. Pour fêter cet évenement beaucoup de manifestations sont et seront organisées en cet honneur. Le 8 Juillet avait lieu au "Jardin du bout du monde" (clin d'oeil à Olivier) une fête médiévale. Je vous propose quelques portraits réalisés pendant cette fête.

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calusarus a dit…

Bon anniversaire à Château-Gontier !

Abraham Lincoln a dit…

Everyone seems to be having a great time. Congratulations to your city on this 1000 year old anniversary.

Nice photography.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

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Bergson a dit…

Je merdouille mes blog peux tu supprimer le commentaire précédent, merci.

Je me demande pourquoi tu n'es pas encore sur

C'est festif finalement Chateau Gontier !!

Craver Vii a dit…

Bon anniversaire!

How accurate were the archers? Did they do any demonstrations of skill?

It has been amusing to look at modern versions of ancient armor. That first picture is wonderful, but my favorite is the armored child.

Mike a dit…

1000 years old! And I marvel at things here in the States that are a hundred years old. Certainly puts France and Europe in perspective for me. Congratulations and enjoy the festivities.

Château-Gontierdailyphoto a dit…

Answer to your questions Craver :

Thank you for your very relevant questions. People who took part with costumes are in fact of the specialists in the average age. Their weapons, clothing are produced with more close to reality of the time. The shooting with the arc with the means of the time is really impressive.

Olivier a dit…

superbe cette fete, j'aurais adore y etre. merci pour ces photos.
et bonne anniversaire chateau-gonthier.

Kekiinani a dit…

Oh my gosh!! I love these kinds of festivals... The first two are my favorite shots.. but I love them all... Looks like it was tons of fun.. :) :) 1000 years WOW.. that is something.. :) :)

david mcmahon a dit…

Lovely shots. It's like stepping back into history.

Keep smiling