mercredi 25 juillet 2007

A small part on the roof of the hospital St JULIEN

I already know that i would have question about this shot.

I have used a Cokin filter multi-images X7 - this filter is a prisme directly fixed on the camera lense. You can find more informations on the web site
Je sais que j'aurai des questions sur la façon dont j'ai réalisé cette image. J'ai utilisé un filtre Cokin multi-imagesx7. Ces filtres se fixent directement sur l'objectif. Vous pourrez avoir d'autres infos sur le site
Un autre exemple d'utilisation d'un filtre "dream" sur un envoi passé :
My favorite pictures today - Mes images favorites aujourd'hui :

8 commentaires:

L.Reis a dit…

Very interesting effect for a surprising image...glad you have explained...i would had never guessed! :)
(Thanks for your preference and link!!)

Carraol a dit…

Great post to show us this wonderful architecture, I'm a fan of the Cokin filters, too, I use it in 35mm.
Thanks for the link, I'll put yours in Mexico City's blog. Cheers.

Kalyan a dit…

WoW...thats simply superb work...well done!

Olivier a dit…

tres amusant et bien fait. bravo

Miguel Villafuerte a dit…

I sincerely appreciate your comments and look forward to continue seeing your work, thanks a lot for add me to your links, I will also add you to my contacts. Best regards.

david mcmahon a dit…

Beautiful, Laurent

Kekiinani a dit…

Amazing effect. I have never heard of that filter but it does produce an amazing effect. :)

Craver Vii a dit…

I laughed when I saw this photo, because the first thought I had was that someone had done too much "celebrating" for the thousand-year commemoration.

Beautiful picture!