mardi 26 juin 2007

Another close up

As the weather is not sunny in France we need colors in our life.
So, I decided to continue to show you more close up....because there are in flowers, the colors we would like to see all around us especially in this rainy summer.

This flower is a speciality of Britanny.
On the first picture I have modified the colors of it on the computer...the images under are true colors.

This year it's very beautiful in our garden because we had so much rain in the past 3 months.

This is hydrangea - All the flowers are till open - It won't change now.

7 commentaires:

alice a dit…

Et en ce moment, c'est vraiment le festival de l'hortensia!

Olivier a dit…

Oui, un beau festival de couleur

Anonyme a dit…

Hydranga are blue in my soil. The color depends on the Ph of the soil. I like your photos of it.

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April a dit…

Merveilleises couleurs. Ici il pleut encore. Merci pour ta visite.

April a dit…

Ooops: merveilleuses ...

Lavenderlady a dit…

they are beautiful! thanks for sharing.

Lori a dit…

I love all of the images. Hydrangeas are among my favorite plants. They come in such beautiful colors!