lundi 4 juin 2007

A funny competition in LAVAL

This competition is called the "NIFO-JET" Non Identify Floating Object.
Teams are companies around the town of LAVAL.
The departure was on Saturday afternoon - 10 Kms from LAVAL.
Boats are home made mainly this components providing by the companies.
Arrival was Sunday 4 PM -
The arrival is judged after you have passed the overflow. People from LAVAL loved this competition because it's very funny.

Les OFNI-JET à LAVAL ce dimanche.
Les équipes sont formées par les sociétés des environs de LAVAL.
Le départ avait lieu samedi après midi à 10 kms en amont de LAVAL;
Les bateaux sont fait maison principalement avec des composants fournis par les sociétés.
L'arrivée est jugée après que l'équipe et son bateau est passé le déversoir.
Les Lavallois adorent cette journée de Juin car c'est très drôle.
You will find tonight more pictures about this competition on my blog :

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david mcmahon a dit…

G'day from Australia,

It sure looks like a fun competition. Loved your photo essay.

Great work on this blog. I followed your link from a comment on Kalyan's blog.

I shall add you to my blogroll if you don't mind. If you have time, you might get the chance to check out some of my work on my blog.

Like you, I'm a proud father and sometimes I publish photographs taken by my kids, to encourage them.

I'm glad I found your site. Congratulations.


Lori a dit…

Great photos! It looks like they were having fun, except for the people who fell out of their boat. I like the shark boat too. Thanks for showing us these photos!

Anonyme a dit…

Nice picture. I like the event too.

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Ming_the_Merciless a dit…

HAHAHA! I've seen this on TV but not sure if it was in France.

Students make boats out of different things and try to sail across the river.