lundi 11 juin 2007

A part of the "old hospital"

As promised some days ago this is the view of the "old hospital".
This build is still in activity.
You can find the complete view on my post dated 03 Juin 2007.
Or to fhe following adress :

5 commentaires:

Lori a dit…

Wow, that's gorgeous! I particularly like the stained glass window. I'm glad you showed it at night. How beautiful!

GiuCe a dit…

it looks like a casttle... great view!

thanks a lot for visisting my blog ^^

greetings from Trujillo-Peru

Olivier a dit…

superbe photo, surtout la version big size. bravo pour cette photo de nuit

lv2scpbk a dit…

Wonderful lighting to show off that beautiful church.

Annie a dit…

If I were ill, I'd be pleased to visit this hospital.