jeudi 21 juin 2007

La halle

This building was built in 1882 - Before there was another building in wood built in the 15th century.

For the town hall (see under) it was built in 1991 - And the law court was built between 1883 and 1887 by the French architect Eugène HAWKE.

4 commentaires:

Olivier a dit…

j'aime beaucoup cette architecture, cette maison est quand meme speciale.
je te souhaite un bon weekend

Adamantine a dit…

Merci de ta visite ! Je suis ravie de faire découvrir ce petit bout de terre!

Ele ^_^ a dit…

What a strange building.. I love architecture.. See ya.. ^^

Magdalen Islands a dit…

What a very unique structure! I wouldn't say it is beautiful but it is attractive in it's own way.