mardi 12 juin 2007

Church St REMI

There are four Churchs in Château-Gontier. Each of them as a different architecture.
This is St REMI, it's the same Church you can see on the top of the blog.

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Bergson a dit…

Une photo d'église extra
Toujours difficile de rentrer ces grands édifices en entier.
La lumière est extra mais le ciel a subit un petit problème à la compression
Elle doit être superbe sur papier
A photograph of extra church
Always difficult to put these large buildings in entirety.
The light is extra but the sky has undergoes a small problem with
It must be superb on paper

Kalyan a dit…

Wonderfully captured & composed shot!

M.Benaut a dit…

A beautiful cathedral. I love the flying buttresses and the tall spire.

Une belle cathédrale. J'aime les contreforts de vol et la flèche grande.

Olivier a dit…

elle est tres belle cette eglise et elle impose sa grandeur à la ville de chateau-gonthier.

david mcmahon a dit…

Hi Laurent,

The architecture is very similar to some of the 250-year-old churches in Calcutta, where I grew up.

Montreal, too, has some beautiful churches and cathedrals. I'll post some of my shots in a few days.



Lori a dit…

Beautiful! I like the black and white effect you've used here.

compass man a dit…

The black and white highlights the classic old building. Very nice.